The Artist

Hi! I'm Dan. Thanks for dropping by. I am an artist and a landscape and travel photographer. I was born and raised in Ireland and I now live in Houston, Texas.

Growing up in Dublin and the nearby Irish Countryside, I always knew my Mother and Father were the two best parents any young boy could ask for. It has been a labor of love to aspire to be the same to my two beautiful sons.

I started working in watercolors, pencil, and charcoal when I was 12 years old, and moved on to oil on canvas in my early twenties. I got into photography in my later twenties. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to combine my art and photography endeavors with travel.

Oddly, I am an engineer and computer scientist by trade. When I'm not busy creating visual images or playing guitar, I am busy designing and developing computer software for speech technology and the internet.

But I have always been an artist and musician at heart, thanks in large part to my upbringing in Ireland. I began taking photos because I wanted to record and share my travel adventures and because something just looked very magical to my eye when a really cool image fell into frame - after about a hundred drab and boring frames!

In addition to selling fine art prints and licensing my images, I've been lucky enough to be featured in some exhibitions in and around the New York City area. You can read more about this and my other creative endeavors on my blog here and find more on my business and technical interests here. Whether creating images, music, or technology, I am more grateful than I can express in words how lucky I feel to be able to do this each day!

“A picture doesn't have to say a thousand words.
Just enough of the right ones."


About the Images of Ireland collection

As a young immigrant from Ireland, I often found myself having hazy, dreamlike memories of how my beautiful homeland looked not so long ago. Indeed, parts of the Emerald Isle retain this mystical, mythical character to this day.

The paintings in The Ireland Series are intentionally simple and somewhat idealistic renderings of the artist's memories of growing up in Ireland. And who doesn't want to remember happy childhood memories that way?

Each painting tells a unique story inspired by these memories, and you can read that story alongside each paintings. Taken together, the series combines to paint a bigger picture of this small and wonderful land. There are a total of fourteen paintings in the series, and each one is carefully hand painted on stretched canvas using the highest quality oil based paint available. It is the hope of the artist that The Ireland Series brings to mind a sense that one's life need not be complicated in order to be a life well lived. Read the full story on my Medium blog here.
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