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Growing up in Ireland gave me experiences any young child would be happy to have. Traveling around the Irish Countryside with my family as my Da's work took us from one place to the next, I learned to love the Emerald Isle, rainy days and all. These were indeed magical times. It is my hope that in telling the story of Ireland through my artworks, the viewer sees how one's life need not be overly complicated in order to be a life well lived.
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Fourteen Original Artworks

One Magical Journey

Many of the paintings in the series represent actual places I visited in my childhood. Others are part experience, part dream, and part fond memory. They are intentionally simplistic and idealistic and painted in more vibrant colors than were likely present at the time - and who doesn't like to remember great times this way? Each of the artworks shown below is an original oil on canvas painting. It took me about 18 months to complete the series.

Customers Say

“The paintings of Dan O’Sullivan are a candid example of an artists love of his Irish heritage. These iconic images are painted with freshness and sincerity. Dan’s recent exhibition of these paintings has been met with overwhelming response because of the exceptional execution of the material and content.”
Daniel Christoffel, Adjunct Professor of Art and Sculpture at Long Island University, Brookville, New York
“I have had the pleasure of seeing The Ireland Series of paintings by Daniel O'Sullivan at my gallery and other venues and am impressed and look forward to seeing more. I admire Mr. O'Sullivan's simplistic artistic quality and use of color and composition he uses to represent landscapes, people and a culture that is unmistakably Irish.”
Terry Falquero, Owner, Studio East Gallery, Greenport, New York
“Daniel O'Sullivan's intuitive Ireland paintings represent a time and place that is slowly evaporating into the past. The dreamy imagery of O'Sullivan's work recalls a more simple and quiet period before the  blanket of globalization trampled everything in its path. Part lament and part memory, the collection is almost zen-like and beyond time.”
Robert Edwin, Founder and Chief Curator of FRESH Art Long Island,
Port Jefferson, New York

Photographs Of Ireland

Brief Moments In Time

I've been very fortunate to be able to get back to Ireland several times in the many years since I emigrated to America. On my travels around the same beautiful countryside I lived in when I was growing up, I sought out the picturesque cottages and pubs, beautiful landscapes, windswept seas, and vibrant colours I knew as a child. And while much of Ireland has since moved on and into the 21st century, thankfully it has not changed too much in many parts of the country. Below are the images I captured during these travels.
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"A picture doesn't have to say a thousand words.
Just enough of the right ones."

Daniel O'Sullivan - artist and photographer